Strive offers a stimulating, diverse and sequenced curriculum that is aimed at re-engaging pupil’s interest in education. Being educated at Strive allows pupils to access personal learning that has a high level of support.

What is Strive:

Pupils who study within our alternative provision are usually, but not exclusively, those who can be at risk of school exclusion and who struggle in a mainstream environment due to social, emotional or mental health (SEMH) issues. Strive will discuss with schools individually the needs and suitability of pupils with any other form of SEND.

Through a comprehensive admission and induction process, Strive will use a series of assessment and screening processes to identify and understand any barriers to learning. A tailored learning plan that will include interventions and support will be designed and built within a pupil’s timetable. Working in completely separate groups and with different timings, our curriculum offer is for both KS3 and KS4 pupils.

Strive supports early intervention by schools, reducing future social, emotional, educational and financial costs. Strive offers a more flexible, personalised curriculum, smaller class sizes with a ratio of two staff members to six pupils. 1-1 interventions, nurture approaches, coaching, mentoring and bespoke support will also play a crucial role in the wrap around care we provide.

Strive supports all schools who face significant barriers in meeting the challenging and complex individual needs of some pupils. Schools can commission Strive to provide education from 1-5 days per week for their pupils. Most pupils study at Strive for 2-3 days per week.

Most pupils would complete the full programme of study with us over the course of the year. This will enable the school to shape the timetable with some days at Strive and some at school. This is the most ideal format. Pupils will remain on-roll at their original school. Schools cannot ‘off-roll’ pupils to Strive.

Strive can also be commissioned as an alternative provision to elective home education (EHE) for pupils who suffer from anxiety or school refusal, or for those with other special educational needs (SEN). Looked after children (LAC) or pupils with EHCP’s can be accommodated, although they can’t study on a full time basis with us.

Educational Aim:

To enable pupils to achieve their full potential. It is our ambition, through the delivery of a stimulating, diverse and sequenced curriculum, coupled with a programme of intervention and support, to enable our pupils to achieve good social, academic and vocational results.

Our Values:

Strive is a value-based alternative provision which demonstrates unconditional positive regard for ALL pupils. This is the basis of forming good relationships and overcoming barriers to success. Strive will focus every effort at every opportunity to identify, manage and reduce times of dysregulation, by aligning pupils with our school values. Whether arriving at school, making breakfast, studying for qualifications in lessons or socialising during lunch, pupils will always work towards the following values:


Pupils and adults will support each other at EVERY opportunity.


Trust each other in believing that hard work, commitment and dedication will contribute to success.


Respect fellow pupils, adults and the environment at ALL times.


Through providing an interesting and challenging curriculum, delivered by caring adults in a positive environment, pupils will be inspired to achieve.


Everyone’s thoughts, opinions, efforts and contributions are recognised and valued.


Pupils will engage in all social and academic aspects of learning.


Andy Brown

Proprietor and Head of Centre

Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL)

Teacher of BTEC Sport

Sonja Brown


Business & Operations

Han Donaghy

Pastoral Leader


Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL)

Lynn Hutchison

Functional Skills Co-ordinator

English Tutor


Matt Webley

Functional Skills Tutor

Hayleigh Kingston

Hair & Beauty Tutor


Ginni Donaghy

Hair & Beauty Tutor

Functional Skills Tutor

Creative Coordinator

Pip Todd


Strive College Lead

Lindsey Gosling

Support Staff


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