Strive is staffed by an caring, knowledgeable and experienced team who know how best to support SEMH pupils, their families and associated professional services.

Why Strive?

Strive is cognisant of the pressures that schools face when providing suitable education and provision that best meets the complex and challenging needs and disregulation that some pupils present. We understand that trying to meet the needs of some SEMH pupils can absorb endless hours of senior management and pastoral leader’s time, often with non-effective repeated consequences of detentions, isolations, FTE’s, managed moves and persistent absence from school. None of which serves in the best interests of the young person or school. Unfortunately, too often, and despite numerous interventions, the only option can be to permanently exclude from school or seek unregistered, un-regulated and adhoc provision. Outcomes for this group of young people is extremely poor and the chance of not being in employment, education or training (NEET) is high.

In recent years there has been a 42% increase in FTEs as schools struggle to find solutions for their complex and challenging pupils. Local Authority state there is a lack of secondary targeted provision for SEMH needs and forecasting shows that a rise in the number of EHCPs is expected to continue, with the greatest increase expected in the areas of C&I and SEMH. This is where there is most concern about meeting need. Strive for Education will provide a quality and registered provision, across most areas of SEND, but will focus on SEMH.

Strive's Policies:

Policies address the practical implications of how to achieve Strive’s vision and are a key means of ensuring that agreed values underpin day-to-day decisions and actions. 

Quality of Education

Procedure for Complaint handling

Welfare, health and safety of pupils

Suitability of staff

Quality of premises

Provision of information

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Quality of leadership and management

Our policies are available here (click here-link)


Referral process:

Pupils will be referred directly to Strive through their own school. Should any parents wish for their child to attend Strive, they should always speak with their home school first. Schools will always assess need and those with the greatest need for support may be suitable to attend Strive.

In some cases, places may be commissioned through the local authority in partnership with individual schools. A comprehensive enrolment process will be completed to inform Strive of all relevant core information. Further information such as educational intentions, parent and pupil views will also be collected. Following the initial referral, the young person, along with their parents/carers/professionals, will be invited in to Strive to meet with staff and discuss their requirements and provision in more detail.

When a school commissions Strive to provide education, we will:

Ensure that pupils, family and school are fully inducted to Strive through a visit to our premises and introduced to the team.

Ensure that pupils, family and school are taken through a thorough admission process that enables Strive to plan for any complex and challenging needs.

Complete further screening on things such as communication and interaction, reading and THRIVE approaches to ensure suitable provision is planned.

Work with school and any other professionals to assist in providing evidence for statutory assessments such as an EHCP.

Plan and deliver a suitable curriculum that is challenging and engaging which maximises the potential to make progress. We want to ‘spark an interest’ in a young person.

Give pupils the tools to enable them to pursue college, apprenticeships, and further training or employment opportunities.

Specific interventions may be put in place to help support our students. Our Pastoral Leader utilizes Boxhall Profiling to assist with assigning the correct interventions that are likely to gain the best results. Where required, identified students will be assigned an intervention mentor who will conduct weekly sessions with students. This progress is monitored and reviewed by our Pastoral Leader.


Schools can enrol pupils for individual days or blocks depending on need. However, regardless of the number of days per week, a 12-week placement will be the suggested minimum placement offered. This will allow sufficient time for the pupil to familiarise themselves at Strive, build up trust and relationships with key adults and for them to feel safe and secure following a further transition in their lives. Schools will always be given the opportunity to either extend the placement or enrol anther pupil before that place is offered to another school.

Please contact Strive for a school enrolment form

For quality assurance, accountability and Ofsted purposes, Strive will provide schools with all relevant and up to date policies, individual education plans and safeguarding information. Monitoring, tracking and reporting information will be shared with schools and any other stakeholders will be assured that the provision is relevant, suitable and has an academic purpose that complements school.

Support for pupils:

Each pupil will be assigned a teaching assistant. The designated teaching assistant will work with a small group throughout the whole day. From the moment a pupil is greeted in the morning, they will be provided with a skilled and caring individual who will be a consistent adult throughout the day and week. A pupil’s teaching assistant will ‘check-in’ with each pupil in their class each morning to make sure they are ready for the day and will accompany them for breakfast.

Each class will be delivered by a teacher who will be supported by a teaching assistant. They will make learning challenging and engaging through a variety of teaching and delivery styles. Should pupils require extra help, support and guidance in a lesson or require a ‘time-out’ then their teaching assistant will help provide this extra level of support together with the pastoral leader.

Safeguarding checks that will be provided on request for schools:

  • Staff and volunteer records
  • Recruitment, qualifications and vetting checks
  • Insurance certificates
  • Core risk assessments
  • Equality information and objectives (public sector equality duty) statement for publication
  • Child protection policy and procedures
  • Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff
  • Independent school registration report (where applicable)
  • Ofsted report (where applicable)
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Professional negligence insurance
  • Service level agreement

What will schools receive?

Clear absence reporting procedures for pupils being educated off-site. Schools will be informed daily regarding a pupil’s absence, and if absent, they will be informed of measures taken to follow this up.

A clear and comprehensive educational plan which outlines the intent, implementation and impact of a pupil’s curriculum.

Strive uses Arbor MIS, schools can request a report at any time for any time frame that will illustrate a pupils attendance, behaviour, progress, interventions and communications with external agencies or family.

Safeguarding and risk assessment procedures for all pupils.

Intended Social, Emotional and Academic Outcomes:

The following measures are aspects that will form a major benchmark in the progress of our pupils:

Improved regulation of emotions, increased attendance, improved physical and mental well-being, improved engagement with education and an improved attitude. A reduction in dysfunctional behaviours, exclusions or referrals. Improved sense of direction and self, including changes in self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and health awareness.

Improvement in developing and sustaining relationships (with family, staff and peers) including changes in the ability to communicate, show mutual respect, and work with others. Pupils will aspire to go on to successfully reintegrate back into mainstream school where they will thrive, learn and succeed by continuing the progress made at Strive. An additional outcome aim for Y11 pupils is to provide the tools to enable them to pursue college, apprenticeships, further training or employment opportunities.

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