Our Values:

Strive is a value-based school which demonstrates unconditional positive regard for ALL pupils. This is the basis of forming good relationships and overcoming barriers to success. Strive will focus every effort at every opportunity to identify, manage and reduce times of dysregulation, by aligning pupils with our school values. Whether arriving at school, making breakfast, studying for qualifications in lessons or socialising during lunch, pupils will always work towards the following values:


Pupils and adults will support each other at EVERY opportunity.


Trust each other in believing that hard work, commitment and dedication will contribute to success.


Respect fellow pupils, adults and the environment at ALL times.


Through providing an interesting and challenging curriculum, delivered by caring adults in a positive environment, pupils will be inspired to achieve.


Everyone’s thoughts, opinions, efforts and contributions are recognised and valued.


Pupils will engage in all social and academic aspects of learning.

What we do:

Support a diverse range of needs, through mutual Trust and Respect. We are committed to Inspire each pupil to fulfil their potential, in an environment that makes them feel Valued and Engaged.

Our Aim:

To enable pupils to achieve their full potential. It is our ambition, through the delivery of a stimulating, diverse and sequenced curriculum, coupled with a programme of intervention and support, to enable our pupils to achieve good social, academic and vocational results.


Meet Andy:

Strive was founded to make a difference to those who need additional support to access their learning. We have evidenced that pupils have made significant academic and social improvements whilst at Strive. We have been able to provide the support and adaptable environment that some young people need and crave. Feedback from schools, parents and pupils has been extremely positive and powerful, and as a direct result of attending Strive, we really have changed some lives for the better! I feel deeply privileged to work with such amazing staff and pupils and am proud of the outstanding impact we are having.


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