2023/24 Strive has capacity for a maximum admission number of 6 students in Strive College for those aged 16-19yrs.

Admissions & Induction Process:

Consults for full-time, on-roll places: Parents, or those aged 16+ and Local Authorities can specify Strive for Education as named specialist provision on an EHCP. SEN case workers will support with this and send the consult. The admissions team at Strive will work through a series of steps to ensure that Strive can meet the needs and aims stated on the plan. Full admissions procedures can be explored further in our Admissions Policy. Strive will only accept consults if our offer is suitable for the age, ability, aptitude or special educational needs of a young person. The attendance of the young person has to be compatible with the provision of efficient education for others with whom this young person would be educated.

Core Offer: It is a pre-requisite that students can fit into the Strive ‘Core Offer’. This is the structure of the curriculum and support offered.

Initially, time will be spent finding out about the different routes of study and the different pathways on offer for students at Strive. Students would try different subjects and narrow down their choices and interests to suit their needs. Our staff team would work hard to ensure that relevant work experience opportunities are set up and initial meetings and visits are organised with potential providers.

Strive students will have a variety of support available to them depending on their needs and agreed provision which are linked to their EHCP outcomes. These could include: Weekly 1-1 meetings with intervention team/form tutor, access to Professional Therapeutic and Counselling Services, access to an Educational Psychologist, 1-1 support where required and access to Alternative Provision. All students will have access to a Special Education Needs Disability Coordinator (SENDCo).  

From the moment a student is greeted in the morning, they will be provided with a skilled and caring staff who will be a consistent adult throughout the day and week.

Reviews and Reporting

Strive will attend all Child Protection, Child in Need, Youth Justice, Looked After Child and any other professional review meetings. This will include during any holiday periods

Strive will attend all EHCP review meetings, interim and annual

Strive will send a comprehensive report to home and professionals (where appropriate) every half-term. This will include a review against specific targets for each subject area and information on attendance, behaviour, and progress

Review of a Placement

Strive will do everything possible to ensure a student’s educational, emotional, and social needs are met, however, where it is evident that Strive can’t meet these needs, a place will be reviewed and possibly removed

A student will be placed on personalised cycles of Assess-Do-Review to help support needs

Where a place needs reviewing, an interim EHCP review meeting will take place and a different specialist provision may need naming on the plan


Some students may be eligible to apply for bursaries, please contact us to find out more.

Is this for you?

If, after reading this information, you are interested in joining Strive to start education and training please contact your SEN case worker.

If you are interested in finding out more about STRIVE, or chat about the individual needs of your student or child. Call us on 01423 649070, or simply fill out the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.