Strive for Education College provides young people with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) the opportunity to study full-time with us as an alternative to mainstream college.

ABOUT Strive for education COLLEGE:

Strive offers a bespoke education and training package for students leaving Year 11. Strive are building on the huge success of the K4 provision to now cater for aged up to 19 years. Those aged 18+ will be still have parental involvement unless it is not appropriate for the individual.

Strive offers a ‘student-centred’ programme which supports young people to develop and progress, based on a clear understanding of their needs, interests, and agreed outcomes. Strive will develop strategies to help students achieve their goals and provide support that they require within a learning environment.

The key focus is to provide a flexible and personalised program that considers any SEND and additional needs and prepares students for the next stages in their lives. Staff are experienced in working with and supporting students who may have SEMH/ASD needs and help provide a nurturing environment where students can flourish. Strive is an alternative to mainstream College for students who may struggle in this type of environment.

Whatever their aspirations and abilities, students will leave Strive with the experiences that will lead them on to the next steps of their lives. Whether it is training or employment, Strive will have provided the building blocks to enable a smooth and successful transition into adulthood. The focus of all learning is to ensure that learners achieve identified outcomes as stated in their EHCP.

Students will study a variety of subjects and option pathways based upon their needs, interests, skills and EHCP outcomes. Students and families will progress through a thorough induction process that allows Strive to create and tailor a package that best fits the individual.


Key Dates

Summer Term 2 Monday 3 June 2024 Friday 19 July 2024 Monday 22 July
Autumn Term 1 Wednesday 4 September 2024 Thursday 24 October 2024 Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 September, Friday 25 October
Autumn Term 2 Monday 4 November 2024 Thursday 19 December 2024 -
Spring Term 1 Tuesday 7 January 2024 Friday 14 February 2024 Monday 6 January
Spring Term 2 Monday 24 February 2025 Friday 4 April 2025 -
Summer Term 1 Tuesday 22 April 2025 Friday 23 May 2025 Bank Holiday 5 May - School Closed
Summer Term 2 Monday 2 June 2025 Friday 18 July 2025 Friday 4 July, Monday 21 July, Tuesday 22 July

Educational Aim:

To enable students to achieve their full potential. It is our ambition, through the delivery of a stimulating, diverse and sequenced curriculum, coupled with a programme of intervention and support, to enable our students to achieve good social, academic and vocational results.

If you are interested in finding out more about STRIVE, or chat about the individual needs of your student or child. Call us on 01423 649070, or simply fill out the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.