Strive will offer a personalised curriculum that is tailored towards meeting the interests and needs of our young people.

The Strive curriculum has three main themes:

Social skills, preparing for adulthood,
employment and independent living.

Students will be given opportunities to
transfer their skills and knowledge to real
life experiences and help them progress
into employment and adulthood.
Depending on interests and courses
studied, students may take part in work-
experience blocks of learning within local
businesses that will enrich their
understanding of the working world. A
key focus of this strand will be increasing
a student’s confidence, self-awareness,
resilience, and overall social skills in a
‘real-life’ environment.

Whilst on a work-experience block, if
appropriate, students will gain a work-
based qualification which shows
potential employers what has been
achieved during the placement.

Qualifications and courses of study.

Where it is relevant and in the best
interests of a student’s development and
progress, students can study a selection
of core subjects which are
complemented by optional subjects. The
suite of subjects being offered are
designed to give a balance of core study,
personal development, physical and
mental well-being and optional subjects
that reflect student interests. Some
subjects and qualifications may have an
aspect of assessment and may provide
National Accreditations that are
recognised in education and work-based
learning sectors.

Vocational experiences and

Strive offers a selection of vocational
subjects that aim to ‘spark an interest’ in
an area that students could go on to
develop further, either by studying them
as a qualification or to engage in some
form of work experience. The primary
aim of these subjects is to allow students
to experience the content and
knowledge of a subject area without
having the pressure of following a rigid
curriculum and assessment structure.
These subjects will be flexible to meet
the individual needs of students and will
be delivered in a practical manner within
a nurturing approach.

Courses on offer:

Functional Skills Maths and English

This core examination course is designed to make Maths and English relevant to the real world and the workplace. This specification allows students to develop subject knowledge and apply it in a variety of different contexts ready for employment. It provides a foundation for progression to employment or training and will help learners develop skills for everyday life. Functional Skills Entry Level 1-3 & Level 1-2. Students can sit formal Functional Skills exams at the Strive Centre.

Life skills, preparing for adulthood, employment and independent living. – core curriculum

This course is designed to prepare students for life beyond Strive and Education. Students will develop key skills which are relevant to the real world and the workplace. Students will study employability skills, CV writing, interview skills and techniques, job applications and careers and training pathways. All students will receive independent careers advice and support as part of the course.

Physical, Mental & Social Well-Being – core curriculum

Students will take part in a programme of practical physical activities and exercise designed to keep the body and mind active. Activitieswill rotate between gym/boxing/circuits/fitness, table-tennis, indoor climbing, golf, pool, darts, table tennis, badminton and team games. Following the initial round of activities, students will choose activities that meets their interests. This is a practical course designed to allow opportunities using a range of facilities within the local community. Link to work-experience block and BTEC qualification where appropriate.

Hospitality, Catering & Tourism

Students will explore the exciting, creative and practical nature of cooking within the home environment. In the Strive kitchen, pupils will learn how to prepare, make and serve a variety of foods that can be then used at home. Healthy eating, shopping and budgeting are all essential life skills that will be taught. Students will also explore the hospitality and tourism sector by visiting local establishments. Link to work-experience block.

Health & Social Care

Students will take the next step towards a fulfilling role in health and social care with this enterprising programme. Students will strengthen their knowledge of the health and social care sector through independent learning. Students will learn about the requirements of those working in care and can go on to work with people of all ages who require help and assistance. Link to work experience.

Hair, Beauty & Make-Up

In the Strive salon, students will immerse themselves in a real-life environment to explore what working in this demanding yet rewarding industry is really like. Students will learn life and employability skills in nails, beauty, hair and make-up application. Link to work experience.

Further Subjects

Depending on student interest and staffing specialisms, additional subjects such as IT, creative media, photography and music are all other potential courses of study on offer.

The curriculum, regardless of subject studied, is underpinned by a programme of nurturing and personal development that focuses on communication and interaction skills, cognition and learning skills, personal, social, emotional skills and British values.

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