Working in partnership with parents, carers and professional services is critical in ensuring everyone is working together to achieve maximum outcomes.

Key Dates

Summer Term 2 Monday 3 June 2024 Friday 19 July 2024 Monday 22 July
Autumn Term 1 Wednesday 4 September 2024 Thursday 24 October 2024 Monday 2, Tuesday 3 September, Friday 25 October
Autumn Term 2 Monday 4 November 2024 Thursday 19 December 2024 -
Spring Term 1 Tuesday 7 January 2025 Friday 14 February 2025 Monday 6 January
Spring Term 2 Monday 24 February 2025 Friday 4 April 2025 -
Summer 1 Tuesday 22 April 2025 Friday 23 May 2025 Bank holiday 5 May - School Closed
Summer 2 Monday 2 June 2025 Friday 18 July 2025 Friday 4 July, Monday 21 July, Tuesday 22 July


Administration of Medicine

It is parents / carers responsibility to ensure that Strive is informed of the medical needs of your child. If medical needs change, it is the parents / carers responsibility to ensure that this information is passed to Strive in a timely manner.

There are strict protocols regarding students accessing medication during the school day.


There is currently no set uniform. Students must wear appropriate clothes suitable for a day at school.



Is provided free of charge for all students each morning during a dedicated breakfast club. There is usually a choice of cereals, toast, fruit and drinks available.


Packed lunches can be eaten at Strive within the common area or kitchen. Students taking part in cookery classes may like to eat the food that they have prepared in class. Alternatively, Strive can provide lunch for students, additional costs may apply.  There will always be a hot option and fruit available.  Students can access drinks at no additional charge.

Any special dietary requirements will be discussed during the admissions process.

Mobile Phones:

We recognise that students and parents see that having access to a mobile phone is part of modern life.

Mobile phones have become an essential way in which parents and carers can keep in touch with students.  It is important however, that the use of a phone does not interfere with learning or cause a distraction or disruption to school life.

All students hand their phones in at reception for safe keeping before both the morning and afternoon learning sessions. If a student needs to make a phone call, they should ask to use the office phone.  Students have phones returned at lunchtimes.

*Further details of the Mobile phone policy and a student agreement form will be supplied during the induction and admissions process.




Arrive & Check-In: 9-9.30am

Form Time: 9.30-9.50am

Breakfast Club: 9.50-10.05am

Learning Session 1: 10.05-10.50am

BREAK: 10.50-11.05am

Learning Session 2: 11.05-11.50

LUNCH: 11.50-12.30

Learning Session 3: 12.30-1.15pm

BREAK: 1.15-1.30pm

Learning Session 4: 1.30-2.15pm

Finish: 2.15pm

Extra-curricular activities: 2.15pm onwards

Twilight Learning (for those who miss learning sessions or require additional support): 2.15-4pm



Additional Support for Parents and Carers

SENDIASS North Yorkshire is a service for parents and carers of young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and /or disabilities (SEND) as well as young people themselves. It is impartial, which means it is not bias and gives confidential information, advice and support that is arms length to the Local Authority.

For further information please contact SENDIASS directly 

If you are interested in finding out more about STRIVE, or chat about the individual needs of your student or child. Call us on 01423 649070, or simply fill out the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.